Operating lines of credit

Eagle Bank and Trust’s Agriculture Lines of Credit give you the financial flexibility you need to operate and grow your business.

General Farm Line of Credit

All farms require cash to operate. With the high cost of producing crops and livestock, farms need a resource to bridge the gap between crop seasons or livestock marketing. Eagle Bank’s Farm Lines of Credit are a great source of capital for annual operating expenses, capital for rental ground expansion or for tax management strategies.

Livestock Line of Credit

Whether you’re feeding cattle or finishing hogs, a Line of Credit is essential so that you have the cash you need for your cycle of feeding or capital available to fund livestock purchases. At Eagle Bank and Trust, we offer Lines of Credit that are tailored to you and your operation.

Inventory and Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit

Operations that utilize Accounts Receivable and carry Inventory need a lender that has the ability to margin these assets for growth. Inventory and Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit are made-to-order to promote the profitability of your operation.

Row Crop Line of Credit

Annual crop loans are valuable tools to ensure your operation has the capital needed when needed to make your row crop operation as efficient and productive as possible. Crop loans give you the confidence to make production or expansion decisions knowing you will have the capital available to manage your decisions.

Margin Account Line of Credit

Risk management is a valuable tool that farmers and ranchers can implement to secure and maximize profitability. To effectively engage a risk management strategy, farmers often require a Margin Account Line of Credit. This Line of Credit is specially designed with the assistance of your commodity broker to ensure that capital is available to fully exercise the risk management decisions you make for your operation.